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This car refresher will bring any of our signature scents to you during your commute. This can also be hung in a small closet to bring an essence to your wardrobe.  Non toxic, phthalate free fragrance. 



amber | musk | vanilla

Envelop yourself in the luxurious essence of cashmere, as powdery top notes blend seamlessly into a heart of sweetened lavender and vanilla. The fragrance culminates in a sophisticated base of musk, amber, and sandalwood, offering a truly refined ambiance.



coconut | sandalwood | tonka

Opening with the inviting embrace of woody coconut milk in the top notes, this warm aroma unfolds. Luxurious sandalwood, aromatic cedar, comforting tonka, and soothing amyris seamlessly converge, crafting an ambiance that embodies the essence of a lavish tropical getaway for your space.



sage | lavender | cedar

Crafted to perfection, this fragrance harmoniously unites an exquisite array of herbs – from the soothing embrace of lavender and sage to the invigorating notes of rosemary and chamomile. Enveloping you further, the foundation is strengthened by the richness of sandalwood, the warmth of cedar, and the subtle allure of clove. The result is a pristine herbal bouquet that instills a tranquil ambiance, lending a sense of ease to your surroundings.



jasmine | honeysuckle | violet

Gentle and evocative, it commences with luminous top notes of zesty lemon embraced by the warmth of ginger. As the aroma unfolds, a heart of luxurious jasmine and delicate honeysuckle emerges, creating a harmonious floral symphony. Hints of violet and powder intertwine with the soothing embrace of amyris, entwining effortlessly with the woody nuances in the base. Serenity transcends seasons, making it an indispensable addition for spring and summer, while its beguiling floral allure ensures it remains a cherished companion year-round.



teak | shea | mahogany

An intricate harmony of earthy creaminess and subtle spice awaits. Initial notes of ginger, peppercorn, and sweet almond unveil a slightly nutty essence. Natural woody tones of sandalwood, cedar, tobacco leaf, and aged teakwood effortlessly intertwine, while a base of musk, tonka bean, and amber provides a soothing and timeless allure. A versatile scent for year-round indulgence.



sea salt | linen | ozone

Experience the essence of pure freshness in this immaculate fragrance. It commences with invigorating top notes of ozone and the pristine embrace of crisp linen. Eucalyptus and freesia gracefully dance around the heart, enhancing the sea salt nucleus of the aroma. A delicate touch of powder in the base ensures a breezy, weightless quality, while the infusion of moss adds a grounding, verdant dimension, like a breath of nature.



coconut | mangosteen | grapefruit

Immerse yourself in tropical indulgence, where the allure of fresh mango and creamy coconut milk welcomes you. Pineapple and orange top notes intertwine with ripe mango and a hint of peach. Completing this lush fruit symphony is the base of coconut milk and sugar. Meanwhile, the fragrance unfolds with the invigorating zing of ripe grapefruit and the exotic sweetness of mangosteen, underscored by a hint of peach. As a candle, it transitions from a lively introduction to a mellow, creamy character, elegantly harmonizing both fruits and a touch of natural sweetness into a perfectly balanced bouquet.



cypress | sage | palo santo

Immerse yourself in a journey through an herbaceous, subtly coniferous realm, infused with a delicate hint of smoke. This fragrance exudes sophistication, anchored by a base of palo santo and patchouli, graced by hints of musk. Evolving gracefully, it reveals intoxicating mid notes of sage and cypress, while the pinnacle is crowned with top notes of spruce and bergamot, crafting a multi-layered olfactory masterpiece.



bergamot | white tea | mandrin

Experience the pinnacle of spa-like luxury with this fragrance. Fresh citrus and bergamot notes open the scent, followed by a captivating blend of thyme, ginger spice, and jasmine blossom. Chrysanthemum and white tea buds anchor the base, while sandalwood, nutmeg, and patchouli essential oils infuse an airy, earthy quality. Elevate any space into a soothing sanctuary.


Seasonal Scents:


pumpkin | buttercream | chai

Crafted to perfection, it combines the inviting aromas of pumpkin, buttercream, and chai. This harmonious blend is a testament to the dedication we pour into every candle, ensuring you experience the embrace of true comfort. Let the warmth of COZY envelop you in its tranquil glow, kindling cherished moments of togetherness.




apples | cinnamon | currant

Melding the luscious scent of apple, the comforting embrace of cinnamon, and the subtle allure of currant, it's a masterpiece of custom fragrances. Each scent note is carefully hand-picked and blended to recreate the joyous ambiance of harvest celebrations. With every gentle waft, envision orchard strolls and the joy of sharing homemade pies. HARVEST invites you to revel in the season's treasures.




eucalyptus | pine | cypress

The invigorating notes of pine, the refreshing whispers of eucalyptus, and the grounding touch of cypress are harmoniously intertwined to create a scent that mirro